• Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea
    is an internationally touring outdoor exhibition
  • The exhibition takes a stance for
    the protection of the Baltic Sea
  • The exhibition displays
    underwater photographs of
    the Baltic Sea by Jukka Nurminen

Front page

The photos in the Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea outdoor exhibition take viewers on an unparalleled journey through the underwater world of the Baltic Sea. The aim of the exhibition is to increase knowledge of and interest in the Baltic Sea, and to encourage people to participate in its protection. The exhibition aims to accelerate the introduction of measures to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea by creating debate, and making people living in the Baltic Sea catchment area realise the uniqueness and urgent need for protection of the Baltic Sea's marine environment. Motivation and enthusiasm for protection will increase when the inhabitants of the catchment area experience the Baltic Sea first hand by having access to its colourful underwater ecosystems.

The Baltic Sea is the most polluted sea in the world. Its condition is critical. Eutrophication caused by nutrient loading is the most severe problem for and threat to its health.

It is crucial for its future that people living in the Baltic Sea area share an understanding of the extent of the eutrophication problem, the greatest sources of discharges and the most cost-effective methods to decrease eutrophication. Reaching consensus is a key challenge to the protection of the Baltic Sea, since there are nine coastal and 14 catchment area countries in the area.

It is essential to the future of the Baltic Sea that protection measures are prioritised on the condition of the Baltic Sea. The most cost-effective and efficient protection measures must be implemented first. The protection of the Baltic Sea will succeed only if the protection measures are directed at the most significant sources of discharges: urban waste water and agriculture.

The exhibition photos have been shot by Jukka Nurminen. The exhibition is produced by Abyss Art Oy.

All pictures displayed on these Internet pages are taken by and under the copyright of Jukka Nurminen unless otherwise stated.

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